Monitoring Windows network devices is a necessary feature for enterprises and small businesses. And with an advanced application like LoriotPro, you can access powerful and useful features for monitoring and managing different networks.


  1. It has a lot of functions which all come useful for monitoring and management, letting you keep track, take action, and basically make the job easier for you.
  2. You only need to pay a one-time fee to own the software and use it for your business.


  1. The basic license, the LoriotPro Lite Version, doesn’t include all software features.
  2. It’s not available on Apple devices. It only runs on Windows 8 and the more recent versions.

Feature Rich and Customizable Interface

Different networks mean different needs. With LoriotPro, you can hide menus and windows that you’re not using so you can see the features you want more easily. And because the colors are different for different actions, you won’t miss any important network log.

The same with the menus and windows, you can hide toolbars. If you want, you can remove specific buttons instead.

Monitor, Control, and Alert – You Can Do All Three!

See every hardware connected to the network and control information devices like video cameras with this software. Anything that’s connected to the network, you can manage and control.

You can also set up condition-based alerts that can prevent disasters as you will respond to issues right away.

A Highly-Advanced and Sophisticated Software that Can Prevent Costly Disasters

With LoriotPro, you’re sure that you will see and control everything within the network. And having this power, you can promptly take action when issues arise to prevent full-scale disasters.