Clikka Mouse

Even differently-abled people shouldn’t be left behind with technology. Clicking the mouse is a primary function needed to perform actions on most laptops and computers. What Clikka Mouse does is allow people who can’t physically click mouse buttons to perform this action by just hovering over the item to be clicked.


  1. You can set how long you’re not moving the mouse for the Clikka Mouse to start clicking.
  2. It mimics the functions triggered by clicking primary mouse buttons without disabling the clicking ability of a physical mouse.


  1. Before setting it up, the software will cause you to click too much or too little. And until you adjust the settings, that can be frustrating.
  2. It doesn’t run on MAC OS.

Customizable Features to Provide You with the Optimal Experience

You can specify how long it should be before the mouse would click and how sensitive the software is to mouse movements. There are also six mouse commands that you can do with Clikka Mouse: click, right-click, double click, and so on.

And to activate any of those functions, just hold the cursor over the item you want to be clicked, then hover to any of the six mouse commands. It’s that easy!

Available on All Windows Versions

Both users of old and new Windows OS can benefit from Clikka Mouse. The file size is only 762 kb, so you’ll have space on your device for it.

Providing Helpful and Practical Clicking Solution

The customizable settings of Clikka Mouse allow you to adjust the settings based on your comfort. So although it may take a while to get used to this lightweight application, it’s still worth it.